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This wiki is about an in-process Redwall fanfiction trilogy, The Quean And The Rhulain. It's a mashup/collab by my three friends Shieldmaiden, Emijane, Wolf985, and myself, WildloughRhulain.

A mashup: when the plots and/or characters from more than one RW novel are mixed. Collab: More than one author working on a story

Any characters not recognized as Brian Jacques' are our own characters. --Tiria Wildlough File:Hrusclean.jpg Ee aye eeeh!! 13:34, February 19, 2013 (UTC)


Book ListingEdit

Book One: Blackrudder's Prophecy (Posted and being written)

Book Two: The Cat's Revenge (To be written)

Book Three: The Sound of Freedom (To be written)

Information on storyEdit

The Quean and the Rhulain isn't canon timeline, it's a fanon alternate universe crossover between more than one Redwall novel; the primary two are High Rhulain and The Sable Quean. 

High Rhulain

The Sable Quean


The Bellmaker


I always wanted to see what a crossover would be like.

After the High Rhulain surrenders herself to agents of the Sable Quean in exchange for Green Isle's young ones, the otters of Green Isle must gather forces and mount a rescue mission.

The main idea for this series was mine, but it's a collab write. This is an ongoing Write In Progress, though it may come slow.

Warning to readers: This isn't a normal Redwall story series, it contains one undetailed NC-17 scene and severe torture in Book One and two attempted suicide scenes.

The main story's being written on another site, as it's finished, I'll post each updated book here.

Latest activityEdit

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