The Purloined Petunia was a ship formerly captained by Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk . It originally belonged to a group of corsairs, however, Cuthbert killed all of them to avenge his daughter, Petunia, whom the vermin had murdered. Later, he used the ship to transport Tiria Wildlough, Pandion Piketalon, and some Long Patrol hares to Green Isle. Cuthbert's sea otter identity would often appear when he walked its decks; he came to know the workings of his ship so well he could almost pilot it in his sleep. After Cuthbert's death, Lord Mandoral Highpeak took possession of the ship; he named its companion the Fearless Frunk in Cuthbert's honor, 

The Purloined Petunia was used in the rescue mission from Green Isle to rescue High Rhulain Tiria Wildlough from Althier.


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