Ould Zillo the Bard was a male otter of the outlaw otterclans on Green Isle. He was later on in his seasons, yet he was still large in size. His body was mottled with scars, one of his legs had been replaced with a wooden peg, and he had a black mussel-shell patch over his left eye. He held a round, flat rudderdrum which he struck with his tail, and he often used it to restore order among the otters. Zillo had prophetic dreams, which he turned into beautiful bardic songs. During a meeting of the otterclans, Zillo shared with the others his dreams of an armored mouse with a wonderous swordMartin the Warrior, telling him of the arrival of the High Otterqueen, the High Rhulain (who turned out to be Tiria Wildlough). Zillo told them that she would arrive to free the clans from the tyranny of Riggu Felis and his feral cat army. This news inspired much hope and joy throughout the oppressed clans.

After the families of the clans were nearly tracked down and attacked by Riggu Felis and his guards, the otters knew that they had to flee to another part of the island. Zillo suggested to Leatho Shellhound that the clans go to Holt Summerdell, the former holiday home of the otters that had been long forgotten. The bard was the only one who knew of its location, for his grandfather showed it to him when he was young. Zillo, singing a song of the bygone place, led the clans safely inland to their new refuge. He remained at Holt Summerdell while many of the other otters went to war with the feral cats.

Zillo helped watch over the cubs on Green Isle while the rescue team was on their mission to bring back Tiria

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