Liem Amarin was a wildcat, one of the few wildcats working under Vilaya. His original name was spelled Liam, but he changed the third letter in his first name and went into hiding after his brother, Riggu Felis, was killed.


He was the first to bring up Green Isle as a point of attack in private conversation with Rakefang. He was a member of a small band Vilaya kicked out for incompetence.

Liem and his fellow soldiers decided to attack Green Isle to get back in their mistress' good graces. He had a personal vendetta against their High Rhulain, Tiria Wildlough, for what she did to his brother and intended to break her mentally and physically.

In book two, he dies at the teeth of a monster he caused; Tiria, in bloodwrath over Vilaya killing baby Larath Danisham, chases the wildcat down and kills him with her teeth and bare paws.

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